Sunday, June 5, 2011

Trying to Save the World in Two Suitcases

Packing has been nearly a two-week process! I am struggling trying not to bring everything! Or forget anything! I can check two suitcases that are up to 50 lbs and carry on a bag as well. That seemed like a lot when I started to pack, but now, it's just the opposite.

I've packed a lot of old clothes for myself. These clothes I can wear during our hike, our safari trip and for just hanging around the hotel. I want to be able to leave most of these clothes for the people of Malawi. I've also packed my "teaching clothes." It is custom to wear long skirts when we are in the village and schools. I sprayed these clothes with mosquito repellent on a makeshift clothes line I made outside my house (I attached string from the top of the lamppost to the top of my suv!). I want to be extra careful and I don't want Malaria!! I've also packed lots of food-- I don't know what I will come across in Malawi, although I've heard from previous students that the food isn't bad!

Aren't my skirts going to look fabulous on me?

The majority of my things are for the children. I have gathered school supplies (thanks again to my high school!), jump ropes, beads, yarn, stickers, bubbles, old clothes and shoes to give to my students! Malawi is so poverty stricken and I want to do everything I can to help. I keep saying to people, "I'm just trying to save the world in two suitcases!" I know that's not exactly possible but every little bit counts!

I leave in one week from today! I am getting pretty anxious. I just want to BE THERE and get started! Please continue to send prayers my way, especially for the flight!! :)

Lots of love,

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