Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Everything is going well in Malawi. We are finishing up our last week in Zomba. School is winding down and the kids are ready to be done. On Tuesday, July 5, 2011 we taught our kids how to write letters and their activity was to practice what they learned and write us one. This is a sample of what I received:

Thank you for teach us different things. I’m glad because of you. I will miss you but I will not forget you because love always brings happiness and I beg you don’t forget that. Love always, Edwin

Although the English is not perfect and it doesn’t make complete sense, it is sweet. I really believe we’ve brought these children happiness, even if it was brief. This experience has 110% solidified what I want to do every single day: dream with children.

Tomorrow we have an end of the year celebration with our teachers, so we are all looking forward to that.

On Sunday, we travel to Lake Malawi. There we will stay at a resort and enjoy our last two days before we travel home on Tuesday morning. The flight home is 4 hours longer and the total travel time is about 22 hours. So prayers needed, please! Can’t wait to see you all back in the States soon!

Lots and lots of love,

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